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My name is David Riviera.


Bachelor of Science
Theatre, Communication, and Youth Studies
University of Minnesota
College of Continuing Education
Inter-College Program

Master of Education
Youth Development Leadership
University of Minnesota
College of Education + Human Development
School of Social Work

About Me

I have a Bachelor of Science in Theatre, Communication, and Youth Studies, and a Master of Education in Youth Development Leadership. I hold an Advanced Certificate in Equity & Diversity from the University Office of Equity & Diversity. All are from the University of Minnesota.

My primary graduate research topic was youth suicide prevention, awareness, and response. I am creating the Suicide Prevention, Awareness, and Response Network as a program to raise awareness in schools and organizations to identify students at risk and help guide them to the professional resources they need. I have experience in residential life and student housing, and am a lifetime inductee of the National Residence Hall Honorary. I am also a member of The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement.

I am a disabled working adult, which means I have abilities, but cannot meet the full demand of a standard 40-hour work week. I have a personally and carefully crafted a health care team, and participate in medical research studies from time to time.

My professional work is dedicated to nonprofits with environmental- and youth-focused programming. I own a business, Oz Technology Company GBC, a certified SBE and LGBTBE® public benefit corporation; I am a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™, and have had FEMA training on Maturing Public-Private Partnerships.

This propaganda has been carefully crafted to make you believe I am a particular type of person. Your interpretation may vary.

email: d@driviera.com