The Reflection of One More Light

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I’m grateful so many were willing to participate in the One More Light Chester Memorial video last Tuesday.. I got goosebumps when it started to take shape.

I want LP to perform at the Super Bowl. With Chester up on the big screen. Natalie Cole sang with her late father Nat Cole to do “Unforgettable” many years ago. It’s not a new concept. Maybe this next spring is too soon.

But the Super Bowl. That’s a big show. And it’s here in Minnesota next February. My business is in the select list of under 500 businesses in their guidebook of approved vendors. Fancy that.

It meant a lot to see and meet new people. With my grad school and disastrous previous abusive relationship, I just don’t like to be around people. I relate more to a fictitious realm of emotions and expression that we all found in Linkin Park. This past Tuesday was one of the most “real” events I’ve been to in a long time. Yet, it was a school subject for me.

The nature of my job and business connections puts a lot of weight on my shoulders for privacy and respect. I can’t explain it because it’s been dozens of years in the making. It’s just who I am.

You are always a part of something greater than you ever know you are. In very tragic times of society (Orland 2016), I somehow connect with core teams to provide them with support while they support the masses. In my Master’s program, everyone knows I’m “the back-office admin support staff.” The front lines of the National Suicide Lifeline and Crisis Text Line are taxing positions. They must exercise self-care, and have resources to ease their own grief.

You all need to take time to take care of yourself. I do, too. One of my seminars was on self-care for youth workers. The others were Youth Suicide; Youth, Internet, and Community; and a Certificate in Equity & Diversity.

Education is the best tool we have to change the future and create a world where people won’t need to turn to a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

We’re in this together. And with Talinda, Mike, Joe, Brad, Robert, and Phoenix.

Just think. Could it happen? March 20, 2018, a global chorus, in unison, all synced to the second to sing ONE MORE LIGHT together.


I haven’t used a crisis line myself in light of all this. I don’t know what to say. I’m in a weird void between the helper and the helped… I’m not on a course to become a counselor myself, but I know how difficult it is to hear the stories.

I don’t want to get inside Chester’s head to find out what he was thinking. That was his private space. But if he was hurting, if anyone is hurting, how can we bring them into the light before it goes out?

PS—Heck, the very first football game I ever went to was a U of MN versus NDSU at TCF Bank Stadium. It was for my Youth & Spirituality class. I compared the football energy to that of a crowd attending a show like Linkin Park.

How is any of this different than what others praise in a temple?