Genuine Beliefs

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I’m in the final stretch of my graduate degree. The finish line is in sight, and I know how far it is until I cross the line. I’ve looked back at what I’ve done, seeing what’s going on, and thinking about what will be. I am full of emotions, and some days are overwhelming.

The opportunities that could be are coming into focus. I’ve reached out and made contacts with professors and businessmen. I’ve offered services and support, and I hope my time will be considered and utilized. Funding and location are the primary locations, but those can be overcome, albeit not easily.

My being, the whole of who am I, and the genuine beliefs that have driven me to discover my place in the world are strong. My body may struggle at times with physical limitations, but that does not hold back my spirit.

To those who don’t know me—yet—have faith. I believe I am a great person with great capabilities. I come from an exceptional background, and that precludes and exceptional future.

Are you in? Believe me, you want to be.