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I like the song Strangers by Portishead. The first stanza ends like this:

Did you realize
No one can see inside your view
Did you realize
For why this sight belongs to you

These lyrics tell the story of living inside your own being. What you see, no one else can see. What  you experience is yours and yours alone. And there is are reasons for this.

Imagine if you will, a virtual reality goggle that had a camera built into it. You could put on these goggles, log into someone else’s googles, and view what they see. Almost. You could look at yourself from another’s point of view, but you are still not experiencing their eyes or their interpretation of what they see. This internalization of experience is important.

I think it’s important to learn how to express your experiences. You need to develop a language and style all your own so you can describe what you sense to others in a way that is meaningful. You need to develop filters, expressing only the most important messages, and discovering the wealth of experiences you can keep to yourself.