Everyday Lives of Youth

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Everyday Lives of Youth was the first of four core classes in my Master of Education in Youth Development Leadership degree program. I’ve heard the structure has changed; they’ve added a fifth core class, and eliminated credits in seminar and elective requirements. I finish in the program as it was when I started, and that is how I’ve structured this website.

My “YDL Class of 2015” was a cohort of me and abut 20 women. There was a guy here and there, and in my second here, the first year of the next cohort had a more diverse structure. Most of my cohort has graduated; I actually started a semester early, and I’m going a semester longer because I ┬áhave to take a slower pace.

I am a disabled adult. I am registered with the U Disability Resource Center. I have accommodations.

So for about 23 years, I’ve been going to school, on a semi-regular basis, getting full-time status doing part-time work because of a half-assed mind I can’t control most of the time.

But I’ve enjoyed each and every minute of it, and that has been my lived experience.