Paragraphs of Social Skills

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Social skills must be ingrained in the lesson plans. There are four steps to social skill mastery: awkward, phony, mechanical, integrated. This reminded me of a chart I saw back in early 2000s: unconsciously incompetent, consciously incompetent, unconsciously competent, and consciously competent. In other words, (1) you don’t know what you don’t know, (2) you know what you don’t know, (3) you don’t know what you know, and (4) you know what you know. It’s with practice and continued feedback that I will master this topic!

One of my informal group partners came up with a great chart for the Four F’s of cooperative skills: formation, function, formulate, and ferment. Formation is the early organization into the group. Function is the action of being in a group, such as sharing and asking questions. When you formulate, you reiterate, summarize, and elaborate. Finally, you ferment when you integrate ideas and ask further questions. There is a progression of teaching social skills: Educate, Practice, and Refine/Reflect.

This resulted in a discussion with Roger about what you know inside (how I feel), what you know (I know what strawberries taste like), what you know about (I know about weather, but I’m not a weather expert), and what you don’t know about (I don’t know about the French language). It is with practice and continued feedback that I will master this class!