Paragraphs of Interdependence

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Holding yourself accountable for the work required to learn material is a personal challenge I’m facing with this class. We are faced with a varying array of teaching methods and techniques, both in an effort to teach us material, but also to demonstrate these techniques in raw form. We are folding education inside out by studying positive interdependence and individual accountability.

Positive interdependence is an umbrella of nine types of independence structures. Of these, positive goal interdependence is required. The group must have a unified goal statement to work towards. Of the remaining, my favourites are role, identity, and celebration/reward. I like positive role interdependence because it gives each person a distinct purpose in the group. There’s no question what each person should do. With positive identity interdependence, I like how the team gains a unique identity. Positive celebration interdependence rewards the team for accomplishing a team goal. I did not like outside enemy interdependence because I do not like competition in general. Fantasy interdependence seems tailored more towards youth and younger ages. Task, resource, and environmental interdependence rounds out the remaining types.