Observing and Assessment

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A teacher has a lot to do for class: make a lesson plan, instruct to that plan, manage 30 billion student relationships, ensure those students are building solid relationships, and that students are learning the material. This class session, we observed, assessed, and processed the group dynamic of class. It seems pretty straight forward, and I don’t have a lot of questions about the steps involved. It seems observing comes with practice, perhaps newer teachers can start with formal observing techniques, whereas experienced instructors can informally observe quite easily. We didn’t discuss the taxing nature of observation, but identified it as an important aspect of teaching.

I need to read more about assessment. It was the other half of my jigsaw puzzle during our class session, so it didn’t stick as well as the processing section I covered. I also need to reread much of the material before May 2. There’s been so much covered in such a condensed period of time, I’m a little overwhelmed by the material. But I shall persevere. I’ve enjoyed this class, it was taught well, and the curriculum is presented clearly.