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Bigger, Faster, More Power

I added a new M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive to my computer today. It’s the second M.2 form-factor, and the third SSD. My original SSD, an OCZ Vertex 3, is still my system drive, but I am moving that to the OCZ RD400. The Samsung 960 EVO I got today will be for large media, like video editing and RAW format images from my D-SLR. I can’t say zoom! Zoom! Or vroom! …

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Bing’s Periodic Table of Elements

So… Bing went and did this: I remember having to memorize most of this chart; and I recall recent discoveries that expanded this table of elements. It’s amazing how the Internet has brought new information to our fingertips. But nothing beats Tom Lehrer’s Element song:

Where Were You When…

On February 1, 2003, I was working at Walmart* in Bloomington when I heard about the ill-fated landing attempt of Columbia. I was shocked. I couldn’t work, I just sat in the loading dock listening to National Public Radio tell the tale of seven astronauts who spent 16 days in space, only to be lost in the landing. I was left alone, no one else was around. I demanded the flag be flown …

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