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Privileged Work

The work place is rarely fair. My experience being employed by Randstad on assignment to Hanley Wood Marketing in late 2003 into 2004 was no exception. While I was the temp employee with no benefits given the nitty gritty tasks that carried the project through—and I have solid documentation from the final client (FedEx) that states my work was key to the success of the program—other employees at Hanley Wood Marketing, such as …

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Golden Horses

No Means No

It doesn’t matter if it’s sex. Drinking. Groping. Kissing. Caressing. Dancing. Talking. Staring. Glancing. Holding hands. Acting. Creating. Working. Building. Cooperating. NO MEANS NO Once should be enough. Twice should suffice. There shouldn’t be a third time. At the performing arts school I went to, safety was number one. At any time, in any rehearsal or performance, any actor, dancer, techie, or anyone involved in the production could stop for their own safety …

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Applause & Praise

I cannot praise Linkin Park more. I began my studies about youth suicide at the University of Minnesota in January 2015, and was working on my field experience for my degree when Chester died. I’ve seen Linkin Park live multiple times over a decade, and I felt the pain. I also looked on as a new generation experienced what my generation did in 1994 with Kurt Cobain, but with trained eyes. We lost …

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I started my Masters in January 2015. There’s been some hiccups here and there along the way. I’m nearly finished—I did my final portfolio presentation and was given a preliminary conferment of my M.Ed. by my faculty; however, this is not the same as a formal degree conferred by the college or the registrar. That won’t happen until I finish incomplete assignments for three classes. And that’s where I’m struggling. I tried to sit down …

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I Walked the Walk

The walk has been walked. Now I need to talk the talk. Although I participated in the CE+HD 2018 commencement, I have not yet earned the diploma from Office of the Registrar. There are some dangling strings with the college. CE+HD has monthly graduations for which you apply the month before. I’m aiming to apply for June graduation in May. Or July graduation in June, at the latest. My psychiatrist prescribed new medication …

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