M.Ed. in Youth Development Leadership

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Stepped Away

I had to step away. My health does come first, and I had to take care of that. Those who know my core (theatre education at Trollwood) know I don’t give up easily, if never, but I had to this time. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. I communicated my illness and status. I expressed that I was having issues. It escalated quickly, and it wasn’t until my medical team deconstructed the information …

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Emotions are tough. Personal matters cannot follow me to my learning, and forcing those monsters to stay home is a difficult task. I am struggling, and those that need to know that, know that. I need time to mourn and to weep, to just be alone with my feelings. In my suicide seminar, we talked about Robin Williams. Now we continue the talk with Chester. “He didn’t have to die.” But he did. …

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I’m Certified…

…certified that I know how much I really don’t know. I took the Office of Equity & Diversity workshops as one of my YDL seminars. I decided to enhance that experience with the Advanced Certificate by attending a 2-hour dialogue circle once a month during the past academic year. Today I received my certificate.


Once upon a time, as a young middle schooler, I was in a promotional video for Trollwood Performing Arts School. In my video segment, I said, “It’s a place where the sky’s the limit.” Most appropriately, the promo video was entitled, “The Sky’s the Limit.” This summer, I am helping another group of young people soar to new heights. Circus Juventas was invited to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival to perform for two weeks …

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Where is the time going!?

This semester is going by so fast! There are two more weeks of classes left, then a paper due one week later. Summer will be busy as I work through incompletes and my field experience. My Youth, Internet, & Communication seminar has been busy. Not enough time to teach everything people need to know! The classmates are thankful for learning the technology, and the discussions about youth and online communication. I certainly realized that …

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Things Change

Plans change. I was originally lined up to work with Intermedia Arts to complete the 180 hours of field experience I need to graduate. Another opportunity presented itself that can better guarantee a definite time schedule between now and mid-August. Circus Juventas is a circus performing arts school in St. Paul. One of their coaches is in my M.Ed. in Youth Development Leadership program. They have a spring show these next two weeks. …

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