Independent Study: Suicide

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The Reflection of One More Light

I’m grateful so many were willing to participate in the One More Light Chester Memorial video last Tuesday.. I got goosebumps when it started to take shape. I want LP to perform at the Super Bowl. With Chester up on the big screen. Natalie Cole sang with her late father Nat Cole to do “Unforgettable” many years ago. It’s not a new concept. Maybe this next spring is too soon. But the Super …

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Emotions are tough. Personal matters cannot follow me to my learning, and forcing those monsters to stay home is a difficult task. I am struggling, and those that need to know that, know that. I need time to mourn and to weep, to just be alone with my feelings. In my suicide seminar, we talked about Robin Williams. Now we continue the talk with Chester. “He didn’t have to die.” But he did. …

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Celebrity Suicide in the Media

Sometimes you see a news headline like this: Progressive rock legend Emerson dies Then you read the news and discover it was a suicide by self-inflicted gunshot. The only reason I mention this is that I’m in a suicide awareness class right now. In two weeks, we have a discussion about how the media reports suicide. Today, we talked about suicide encounters online. The anonymity and privacy you have online sometimes lets you express …

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20 Years

Twenty years ago this coming November will be twenty years since a young adult completed suicide in the residence hall I lived in. The event had an impact on me. What if I trigger someone with my research? The Butterfly Effect has been on my mind. What if I get something wrong today that leaves an impact on a student who later takes their life? This is a group learning experience, and I think …

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Making a Mandated Report

Some people in the social work fields are known as mandated reporters. These people must pass-on information they learn if they feel there is a threat to personal life or property by a person in crisis. The line between confidentiality and mandated reporting is not clear and distinct, which adds to the complexities of knowing when you should, or should not, say something to the authorities. Is there a definite threat or plan made? …

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